Our Stylist


LaShanette "LaLa" Wheeler is the owner and lead stylist at La Femme Boutique. LaLa embodies exactly what La Femme is, embracing your womanhood through fashionable yet unique pieces. Owning a fashion boutique and leading the La Femme brand was not on LaLa's "dream list" growing up. In fact, LaLa didn't even really begin getting creative with her own style until her early twenties. Yes, style can be created at any time. Since then this fashionista turned stylist has been pairing together the most different and unique items for herself and her clients. LaLa describes fashion as something she is passionate about. After many outfits and trips to her favorite store, Nordstrom's Rack, she decided to take her passion to the next level. Having really enjoyed her career at Red Lobster she knew being a business women was something she was not afraid of, and so she begin researching boutique ownership in June of 2014. By September of 2014 the La Femme brand and store front was born.

LaLa shares, "I wanted to create a place where women shop and mingled. A lot of networking events have taken place here to inspire and bring together driven minded women. La'Femme is not only a women's Haven, but we also focus on building a women's image. We're simply a local boutique that offers something 'different'." LaLa has furthered her career in fashion by putting together wardrobe for photo shoots, and also creating events that bring women together.

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